Thursday 1 May 2014

Yoga and Meditation: A Way to Peaceful Mind and Soul

Growing work pressure and daily life tension has left serious consequences on the health of many. Sedentary lifestyle is yet another reason that has laid havoc on the overall health and well being of people. Here comes the need of yoga and meditation. Yoga is not something new to Indians. Vedic Rishis and yogis had been practicing various forms of yoga that has helped them in leading a long and healthy life.

These days, yoga and meditation has become a part of modern lifestyle. Many people are taking up yoga classes to fine tune their body and recover from the damages caused by the sedentary lifestyle. Long hours seating jobs, lack of physical activity and global competition have caused serious health issues which include heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure and insomnia, which is again a cause of life threatening diseases. Mediation helps in relaxing the troubled soul and mind. However, it requires special guidance from the specialists and experts.

Meditation is a part of Yoga practice, in which a person tries to connect with the inner soul. It is one of the finest feelings of satisfaction as one achieves calm and compose mind even during the tensed phase of life.

There are certain principles to meditation that include:
  • Focus: For better meditation effect one needs to keep the mind focused. Focus should be on the present and not on the problems of life. Learning the technique of concentration can help one in staying focused. 
  • Quieting the Mind: It will be difficult to stay focused on one object while meditating as mind keeps pondering on thousands of thoughts. Remaining focused on a single object or thought can be really hard.  When mind is busy with thoughts it can become difficult to enjoy the peaceful meditation and its effect will also be negligible. Therefore, it is important to keep the mind quiet when you are sitting with the purpose of meditation.
  • Control: During meditation a person can be trapped by the flow of life force. One can establish control over life flows through deep breathing.
  • Senses: Meditation involves control of all your senses of sight, sound, smell, tastes and feels to bring peace to your life.
By practicing all these steps in yoga and meditation you can have a peaceful mind and soul even in this hectic and stressful routine.

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