Saturday 7 June 2014

How To Kick Start Healthy Habits

We all want to be healthy, fit and look smart. And for attaining it we often make many resolutions and plans to include healthy habits in our daily life and improve our life style. But most of us are not able to execute our plan of healthy habits and few of us who start with it are unable to follow it regularly and get tired of it in few weeks.

Many of us start with exercise routine and healthy eating but after a week or so we get tired and get back to our same unhealthy habits. We all try find out ways from here and there which could help us to kick start healthy habits and continue with them for a longer time. But we forget that answer lies within us not outside. It is only through our willpower that we can hang on to healthy habits for a longer period. By following simple strategies we can overcome the hindrances and be healthy and fit. Try to inculcate changes slowly and one by one so that it is easy for you to keep up with them.

Some easy tips you can start with are :

Make your eating habits healthy - Eating healthy doesn’t mean that you have to starve or leave some foods permanently but it means eating everything but in a limit and at proper time. Never skip your breakfast and try avoiding late night dinners. Divide your full day meal into 4 to 5 parts.

Eat more vegetables and Fruits - Eat more fruits and vegetables in your food as they are low in calories and high in Fibers and nutrition content. Being rich in fibers they keep you fuller for longer time. So you tend to go less for unhealthy snacks.

Make exercise a routine - Exercise doesn’t necessarily means that you have to go to gym daily. Try to adopt any good workout even at home. Try to pursue your hobbies for outdoor games, dance , which you enjoy. Take your kids to park and play with them. These small workout routines can also make a huge difference and can keep you active.

Do household and other works by yourself - Try to finish your household jobs like cleaning washing, cooking by yourself as they also make a very good workout. Try to walk instead of driving to market or other nearby place and use stairs more than lifts.

Take enough sleep -  Never cut down on your sleep . You should at least have 7 hours of good sleep. It will keep you active and fit and relieve stress.

Incorporating these small tips in your daily life you can easily kick start healthy habits and sustain with them for longer period. Remember the idea is not to stretch your body beyond its limits.

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