Thursday 12 June 2014

How to be Healthy

Being healthy and fit is everyone’s wish and most of us really work hard for it . May be in form of diets, exercise etc we all try hard to achieve our goal of being healthy. But we forget that being it is not a process of one day but add on of different habits which when continued on regular basis makes you healthy and fit.Neither alone healthy diet nor alone exercise can make you fit. You need to have a complete healthy lifestyle to be fit and active. Good health is always a work in progress as there are many aspects related to healthy lifestyle. Few tips to have a healthy lifestyle are :
Say No to Your Bad Habits

Kick all your bad habits if not all at least some. Quit habits like smoking, excessive alcohol drinking and any unhealthy addiction. It may ake some time but is a must if you want a healthy lifestyle. Other habits like eating excess junk food, sugar , caffeine are not completely bad but if done in excess can be harmful so try to put some restriction on them.

Get Your Regular Checkups Done

Visit your doctor for your annual physical check up done just to assure that everything is fine. Also get all your medical examinations done regularly.

Do Regular Exercise

Even if you get very less time exercise is very important. It keeps you active and strengthens cardiovascular system. Exercise may be in form of walk, gym, playing games, cycling etc.

Have Enough Sleep

Sleep affects our physical as well as our mental health so it is important to get enough sleep. Inadequate sleep can adversely affect metabolism, concentration mood, stress level immune system and cardiovascular health.

Never Skip Breakfast

Make it a routine to eat breakfast daily. A healthy breakfast gives you energy and fuels up your day. Studies have also shown that people who eat regular breakfast are healthier than those who skip breakfast.

Eat Healthy

Include fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into main part of your overall diet. Eat a balanced diet comprising of proteins, carbohydrates as well as fats as required by body. Eat small 5-6 meals in a day and never over eat. Avoid Junk food and foods which have excessive fats and high sugar content

Drink Plenty of Water

Drink as much of fresh, clean, plain water as you can. Water keeps you hydrates, washes away toxins from body and also boosts up metabolism.

To maintain a healthy , active and fit lifestyle, it's important to have patience and make consistent efforts. It is not a one day process but is a continuous process which requires willpower and patience. So start with minor changes and never stretch yourself beyond limits.

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