Thursday 28 August 2014

How Safe are Your Daily Health Supplements

‘Have a pill and forget about the worries of health ‘. A bulk of Pharmacy companies are registering their arrival in the market with such fascinating tag lines to sell their health supplements .It may appear as a shortcut to achieve a good health. Supplement seller says ‘Just engulf a nutrient rich capsule and forget about the burden of maintaining a balance diet chart or a daily exercise routine.’ But remember one thing; all that glitters is not gold.

The bitter truth is, health supplements are not as magical as they appeal to be. There are some health related risks involved with the use of health supplements which the label of supplements does not mention. Are Pharma companies selling health at cheaper rates or just making money from fools? If such questions are rising in your mind then this article is a must read for you!!!!

A brief about health supplements: Health Supplements are vitamins, minerals, amino acid and dietary fibers which are consumed as pills after our daily diet .They help in providing essential nutrients to our body if our meal is not nutrient rich.But it doesn’t mean that you eat junk like burger or pizza and then take a supplement to reduce weight . There are some obligations with supplements .They cannot provide you as much nutrients as healthy food can.

Supplements are not substitutes to your  food : People usually think that if they can get vitamin, calcium mineral from just a capsule then what is the need of a healthy food? . But you must keep one thing in mind that health supplements are not substitutes to your daily meal. They are just treated as a bonus with your daily diet. Balance diet is capable to provide all the nutrients to our body. If your plate is not providing nutrient rich food then you can keep health supplements beside your meal to fulfill the nutrition gap.

When to take health supplements. A tablet for vitamin, one for mineral, other to lose weight. How exciting! Health supplement providers are known to do such fake promises and mislead common people just to sell their product. So stop becoming an easy prey to supplement providers as they don’t alarm you about the risks involved with health supplements. You must know when there is a need to switch to a health supplement.

• Supplements are beneficial to counter some heath related problems like stress, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. They are designed to meet the need of folic acid ,   iron , calcium etc .So if you feel such deficiencies you may switch to the light doses of health supplements.

• Pregnant women, women with excessive bleeding during menstruation, breed feeding women are highly recommended to intake of iron or folic acid supplement with their daily diet.

• People in older ages are prescribed to have some of the supplements such as multi vitamin, proteins and calcium etc

• Vegetarian people are usually nutrient deficient because they only depend on green veggie and fruits to get nutrients .So for them supplements is the another way to   get nutrients without changing their eating habits.

• If you feel drowsy, stressed, then you may switch to health supplement with contain vitamin, Ginseng, calcium etc. But it is not the safer way .Higher doses of such   supplements can be fatal.

• If you are multivitamin deficient. Then multivitamin tablets can help you to pack your food with essential nutrients. In deficiency iron, calcium etc there is the   need to switch to iron or calcium tablets or protein power .But doctor prescription is required in that case. Rather to take individual vitamin tablet it is safer to   go for multivitamin pills.

Risks related to health supplement:

You ever heard that too much of everything is bad .Our body work on a certain mechanism and if you will try to boost up your body mechanism with some heavy doses of nutrient rich suppliments then you will be in trouble. Higher the dose of supplement, greater the side effect.

• If you are taking heavy doses of vitamin pills then it may cause liver damage, headache or vomiting. Extended use of individual vitamin supplements can cause nerve   and liver breakdown.

• If you are taking specific vitamin rich capsules like vitamin B12, vitamin A capsule then you must known to its harmful effects. They can raise heart related   problems.

• Supplements are not surgery friendly. So, if you are going to have a surgery then you must consult your doctor about up to what extend you were exposed to   supplement. It is also reported dangerous to take supplements after surgery.

Be aware before purchasing:

If you are at the door step of a medical store and going to buy a health supplement then keep in mind to see the label of the supplement. Read carefully about the nutrients it contain, its manufacturing date and expiry date, address of Pharmacy Company for its authenticity and further queries.

Whole market is flooded with numerous supplements and all are betting to be the best. But before becoming a health supplement consumer one must possess a good knowledge about its benefits and adverse effect. Our body needs an optimum amount of all the nutrients and even the excess is bad. Before buying a supplement read carefully the composition of nutrient in that supplement.

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